BioImpulse: heading towards 2024 after a promising year

January 31, 2024

Just like previous years, 2023 has been rich for the BioImpulse team, with the validation of the third milestone, and promising advances for the project:

-        The development and validation, on pilot scale, of a new purification process allowing to isolate the biosourced raw materials needed to design the resins,

-        The scaling up of fermentation, increasing from 2m3 in 2022 to 10m3 and 30m3 this year,

-        The proof of concept for a new metabolic pathway enabling the molecule of interest to be produced from second-generation biomass,

-        The validation of industrial trials on the production of plywood panels,

-        The lab-scale production of plywood samples using a bio-based resin from the project,

In 2024, we will continue to work together with ResiCare, INSA Toulouse, TWB, Leaf by Lesaffre and Institut Technologique FCBA teams, to validate the fourth milestone and keep the BioImpulse project moving forward!

Happy New Year 2024 to you all! We will keep you updated on the project and our progress throughout the year.