The BioImpulse project confirms its progress by validating a second key stage

2 September 2022

After a successful first milestone in 2021, the BioImpulse team validated this summer with ADEME the achievement of the second milestone.

 BioImpulse aims to create new adhesive resins free of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). By developing a biobased molecule of interest, BioImpulse opens up new applications for biotechnologies in the materials field.   

 Supported by ADEME as part of the Investments for the Future programme, the annual evaluation of the project highlighted the team’s ability to stay on course for industrial deployment.

 Heading for “Scale-up”  

 This year, everyone involved in the project worked hard to successfully complete the first pilot fermentation  at an industrial relevant scale (2m3 capacity). This trial enabled us to confirm the results obtained in laboratory on an industrial pilot scale.  

 As for the formulation, the team also went to the next level by producing a 100kg batch of resin from the molecule of interest for wood applications.   

 Regarding skippers Manon Audinet and Quentin Delapierre supported by the BioImpulse team: the year was shaped by a 1st final at the Olympic Games in Tokyo with a nice 8th place in Nacra17 category.  

  See you next year for the third key stage and for the next part of our journey towards non-toxic and biosourced resins!  

Understand the project in motion: